TrizEDTA Crystals Flush (4 oz)

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Triz-EDTA buffer solutions are valuable as a long-term therapy for preventing the recurrence of Pseudomonas infection, either as part of a regular ear cleaning regimen or as a presoak before placing antibacterial solution into the ear canal. Aids in breakdown of inflammatory discharge in ears with more effective use of the antibiotic used for treating the infection.

Directions & Dosage

Fill bottle containing TrizEDTA crystals with distilled water. Mix well. Allow to sit for one (1) hour before use. For use as an ear flush: apply to the ear canal and gently, but firmly, massage the base of the ear. For use on skin: squeeze flush over affected area. Use a cotton ball to remove excess solution. Repeat as necessary or as directed by your veterinarian. Close cap tightly.


TrizEDTA (tromethamine USP, disodium EDTA dihydrate)

  • Multicleanse
  • Ear Drying Solution
  • Ear Cleaner
  • Alkalinizing Ear Cleaner
  • Pretreatment Otic Solution
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