Should You Bathe Your Cat?

Posted by Bentley & Bella on 20th Jul 2016

Bathing your cat is a debatable topic, and many owners are under the impression that a cat will always bathe itself. However, there are times where your cat is going to need a bath: when the dirt … read more

Top Obedience Tips for Your Dog

Posted by Bentley & Bella on 20th Jul 2016

Behavioral training for your pet is a topic that could easily fill countless articles and books with a thousand different ways to help you & your pet live a better life. However, there are a few ge … read more

Providing Hairball Relief for Your Cat

Posted by Mr. Bentley & Ms. Bella on 20th Apr 2016

What are hairballs? As the name implies, hairballs are balls of hair. They are often formed when your cat ingests hair through daily grooming. The hair is then brought into the stomach and begins to … read more

The Difference in Flea Medications

Posted by Bentley & Bella on 21st Mar 2016

Flea medications can be a confusing topic for any owner, especially with the large variety of different products on the market. Here are the most common types of flea medication available and how t … read more

Small Animal & Bird Health Kit Essentials

Posted by Bentley & Bella on 16th Mar 2016

For minor injuries or when you can’t always get to the vet, having a toolkit of items for your small pet or bird is essential. These items are useful for treating minor injuries and illnesses, and … read more